What to expect

You are interested in booking a session with me? That's awesome! I'm more than happy to talk you through my process. For any details on packages and prices, you can find all information on the 'Rates' section on this website.

Furthermore, I exclusively shoot outdoors. Why? Because I love it and because it allows for a more specific and detailed cinematic story to portray your characters. A headshot must be cohesive in all the ways: from creating the characters that serve your essence to wardrobe, expression, vibe, and the suitable background that helps tell the characters' story. So, you see: actor headshots are much more of an acting gig than a photo shoot, which is why, as a director, I love this process. Studio backdrops don't allow for that same cinematic and visual storytelling.


Your'e interested in my headshots services. Yay! You probably already know which package you'd like. That's great! If not, I'd be happy to assist you with that as well.


We'll schedule a free phone call consultation where we can get to know each other and talk about any questions, concerns and anything else you might want to know. I'm happy to assist you with creating your looks and characters and give you advice on the suitable wardrobe for each one. As an industry person myself, I'm well aware of the casting process and what is needed to attract the attention of industry professionals. I also have insight on which characters for each age range are currently trending within the industry. It is very beneficial to know who you are as an actor and how both your essence and your outside appearance is perceived by industry professionals. It is great to be fully prepared for the shoot, and come into the session with a clear plan and intent for a smooth and fun shoot and I'm very happy to help you with that. Another note: it's of utmost importance to me that we truly capture YOU and how you look in person in the headshot, to fully represent you and your brand. If you don't already know, we'll figure out these characters together and be in touch about wardrobe over text message or email. 

Once we figured out your looks and wardrobe, we'll schedule a date and I'll make sure to find the perfect background to represent and enhance the characters you'll be going for (for example: you want to portray the undercover detective, double agent? I'll choose a darker, more mysterious and / or gritty background for you...). We'll most probably meet somewhere in TriBeCa at a coffee shop to get to know each other first and have a place for you to change. Please come camera ready with your first look. We'll shoot away and have fun.

How and when do I pay?

You'll pay the full price the day of the shoot either through cash, check, Venmo, Zelle or PayPal. Most preferred payment method is cash or Venmo. If you pay via PayPal, you'll have to pay me under 'friends and family' or add the additional PayPal fee.


What about hair and makeup?

I often suggest my clients to do hair and makeup themselves. Why? I read this very informative article on Backstage that said this: .... " Your headshot should look like you when you walk into a room, so it should represent how you look on a good average day, not necessarily your best day. Unless you’re planning on getting your hair and makeup done professionally for every single audition you go on (unlikely), you should do your makeup as you would on any given day. Natural makeup is best; you want to look like you’re not wearing makeup. Save the glamour shots for your website or your modeling profile." Most importantly, you should look like your headshot when you enter the room. It's furthermore advisable that you know how to recreate that look for self tapes, auditions, and when you walk into the room. As an actor, it's also generally great to know how to do hair and makeup yourself.


If you'd like hair and makeup done, I'd suggest to get a blowout before our session and either have your makeup professionally done with a makeup artist at a studio nearby before our shoot, or have a makeup artist come to our location where they would apply your makeup on location outside. 

How do I find a makeup artist?

I have a few makeup artists I like to work with and can forward their information. Their price ranges anywhere between $180 - $300 plus possible additional charges should you want them to stay throughout the shoot. If you'd like to have them apply makeup at a studio, additional charges will apply. Most probably around $30/hour. Anything further, you may discuss with the makeup artist.

What happens after the shoot?

Once we are done with the shoot, I'll cull the photos, meaning making a pre-selection of roughly 150-300 (depending on how many looks)  photos for you and will get them to you with a turn around of 1-4 days. You'll receive my selection of photos (unedited and unretouched in high res but smaller for an easier overview) via online link (most probably through wetransfer). You will receive an email from them with a link where you can either download all of the photos or you can also preview them without having to download them. You are responsible for storing and saving the proofs. Once you made up your mind, you may give me the full file names of the desired photos that are included within your package and I'll edit and retouch them for you and make them pop. You'll receive your edited and retouched photos anywhere between 1-4 days.

What if I want more retouched and edited photos?

Any additional photos you'd like to have edited and retouched that are not included within the package, I'm charging an additional $20 dollars per image.

What is included in the retouching and editing?

I will make sure to make your photos 'pop'.I will adjust and enhance lighting and color, retouch anything around and on the face, I'll make the eyes shine and pop to give that overall cinematic look I love so much. However, I like to keep the retouching on a lighter scale as I'm not a fan of the plastic look. ;-) What is not included are getting rid of difficult flyaways, frizz, or wrinkles, change of color on wardrobe items etc, taking away certain items such as earrings etc, and anything that requires a full on photoshop job, which is not part of my services. 

Editorial and lifestyle

The process is similar to the headshot service process. What we'll discuss are characters, looks, wardrobe, and suitable locations / areas that match these characters. It'll all take place in one area, but in several locations. We'll walk around and capture all sorts of moments and backgrounds and situations. We'll capture several angles ranging from wide to close up. I also like to call these photos 'mock film stills', because they'll look like they could have been from a movie. This session is even closer to an actual acting gig and will be so much fun.