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Lea Pfandler Photography

I help you get auditions by crafting headshots that highlight your individuality, while positioning you for the industry-requested characters that match your booking goals.

Specifically, I've developed a unique headshot-taking process that treats the shoot as a character exploration, so you can focus on your acting strengths, instead of learning how to model for a couple hours. We follow a step--by-step process that starts with character development & wardrobe assistance and culminates with character explorations during the headshot session.

Norma Aurel

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How to dress like the roles you want to book -

Coming from the film industry, I understand how important wardrobe is to create a believable character, but it can feel overwhelming at times.


In this free guide, I give you tips on how to dress like the roles you want to book.

A New Approach to the Old Headshot Taking Process

Casting Directors are looking for solutions: they need headshots that show them the characters of the roles they’re looking to fill while expecting the actor to be open and connected, genuine, unique, and relaxed. All in one single photo. But, hey: no pressure, right?

Getting auditions and booking the job are an actor’s main goal. Your headshot is the way in. As a former actor myself, I understand how nerve wracking  and daunting the headshot taking process can be. 


Most headshot photographers are photographers and don’t understand an actor’s process. I found that the key to actors actually enjoying the session while achieving the results that industry professionals are looking for, is to set up the shoot as you would when prepping for a role, so you can focus on doing what you have been trained to do, what you enjoy, and know best: ACTING!

Since implementing my unique character development process before the session and an actor-director approach during the headshot shoot, my clients have not only mentioned multiple times how our session has been the most fun and relaxed shoot they’ve ever had, but also how they have secured representation and booked roles on major networks through their character-specific and vivid headshots.

Yadira Ramos

"Dear Lea, I wanted to reach out and personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me with the amazing headshots that we shot together this year. Not only was it an amazing shoot, but it rounded out my entire "package" and it really took me to the next level. I was able to secure representation, and I started getting called into amazing rooms. I also wanted to let you know that I JUST BOOKED MY VERY FIRST JOB -- a co-star role on Law and Order: Organized Crime!!!! I seriously can't believe this is happening, it feels like a dream! Thank you again for all the amazing work you do for actors!!!! Love, Yadira"

— Yadira Ramos, Actress

Josh Berresford

“Lea’s headshots made me book a role on FBI this week! Lea is one of the nicest, best that I’ve ever worked with. I’ll always recommend her!”

— Josh Berresford, Actor

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