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What I Do For You

Getting auditions and booking the job, (and the room) are an actor’s main goal. I am fully dedicated to make that happen for you.

Cara Corrigan

A Headshot Session That Matches Your Acting Process

The headshot is your way in, your calling card to break in as a professional actor. I also understand that most actors very much dislike having their headshots taken and even fear the process. Most headshot photographers are photographers and don’t understand an actor’s process.


I have therefore developed my unique headshot process to match the natural acting process, instead of expecting you to be a natural at posing. They're different skill sets, yet most photographers' headshot processes expect you to magically be good models, which, when combined with the stakes of the headshots, can lead to feeling (and looking!) tense and unavailable.

Casting Directors Are Looking For Solutions

Moreover, most advice around headshots is to look 'natural' or 'interesting' and many other vauge states of being. But Casting Directors are looking for solutions: you need a headshot that shows them the characters (their energy, look, etc.) of the roles they’re looking to fill while being open and connected, genuine, unique, and relaxed. All in one single photo. But, hey: no pressure, right?


That’s a lot, I know. So I found that the key to achieving exactly these results that industry professionals are looking for, is to set up the session to leverage what actors have been trained to do, what they enjoy, and know best: ACTING! No posing for photos with me. We’ll approach the shoot as you would when prepping for a role and shoot:

Cara Corrigan
Taylor Curtis

How To Get Specific Characters That Match Your Booking Goals

As part of my pre-shoot consultation, we’ll explore specific characters tailored to you and your essence that match your booking goals.


I use my Meisner training and industry experience to show you tips and tricks on how to 'sprinkle' your essence through the characters to make them unique to you, and how to actively communicate to the lens (which is your acting partner in that case) which makes the headshots vivid and come to life.


With my filmmaker experience, I extensively work with you through wardrobe to find the perfect outfits that tell the story of said characters.


I'll use my experience as a director to make sure to have these characters communicate their story during our session.

Why This Process Works

Once we got all the shots we need and you've chosen the ones you'd want as your headshots, I keep retouching at a minimum in order for you to give Casting Directors what they are looking for: a real-person headshot that looks like you, while making sure to make the photo pop to grab the industry professional’s attention.


Since implementing this character development process, my clients have extensively mentioned how joyful the session has been and that it was the most fun and relaxed shoot they’ve ever had. In addition to that, they have repeatedly secured representation and booked roles on major networks through their character-specific and vivid headshots.

Taylor Curtis

The Nitty Gritty

You've gotten in touch with me, great!

We'll schedule a no obligation consultation phone call where you can get a lot of juicy information out of.

To get a better idea of who you are as an actor and person, it would be great if you could share with me your website and any photos or materials before our phone call.

During the consultation phone call, we’ll not only get to know each other, set up a potential date and time, but also already talk about and determine characters and roles which match your booking goals or I'll give you my tips and tricks document on how to find them if you're not sure.


Once you decide you want to go ahead and collaborate, I’ll send out an invoice for a 25% deposit of the package you want to book with me to secure and reserve a spot in the calendar for you.

Once received, You'll receive my Tips, Tricks And Steps document on how to develop and prepare for your characters prior to our shoot, how to shine your individuality through the discussed characters, character development, and how to actively communicate them during the shoot. I will also write down wardrobe suggestions listing clothing items and color/vibe suggestions for each character/look we discussed. I’ll be guiding you along the way with wardrobe until we found the perfect outfits for each look, so that we’ll be fully prepared before our session as we’d be for a day on set. Once we have all that figured out, it will make for a prepared and smooth session where we can focus on bringing these characters to life.


During our shoot, I’ll give you space to step into each role. You'll be able to use all the tips I've sent you with character development guide during the session. You'll know these characters so well by then, you won't have to be concerned about 'posing for photos' but get to act and actively communicate each story with me and the lens. I'll guide you along the way with what we've discovered, and keep the shoot light, relaxed, and mostly fun! It will shine through in your photos.


After our shoot, I’ll send you the proofs via online link within 1-3 business days along with an email with all necessary info and details on how to progress plus invoice.


Once you selected your favorite photos you’ll want retouched and edited, you can expect to receive the finished headshots within 1-4 business days. If you want any additional ones that are not included within the package, I'll gladly work on them for an additional fee per photo.

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