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Client Success Stories

My unique character development process and my actor-director relationship approach has secured my clients representation and made them book roles on major networks through their character-specific and vivid headshots.

Here are their stories:



Dominic Marcus - A very versatile actor, Dominic needed specific character headshots that showcased the many different roles Dominic would go out for while letting his essence (intense, intelligent, mysterious, and kind) shine through each one as a throughline that connects all characters. So we worked together on his 'friendly professor', 'slick Mafia boss', 'blue collar trucker who's been through stuff', and his 'edgy undercover detective' characters. He has since told me several times how he's gotten "so many wonderful auditions with our new photos!"

Pavel Shatu - In addition to his character shots (professional / expert with a secret, slick smooth talking gangster, good guy in a bad world), Pavel's agent (About Artists Agency) requested a specific shot that shows Pavel relaxed and open, 'just as he is'. I call this the 'you' shot, which is an important asset to your headshot collection. We worked on wardrobe and I made sure we had a fun and relaxed atmosphere during our shoot. That headshot got Pavel a major audition for a recurring role for a new series opposite Oscar winners Lupita Nyong'o and Natalie Portman.

Adison Johnson - Adison came to me not knowing how to approach a headshot session, anxious about the process. I worked with him on characters that best resonated with both his appearance and essence. We found we needed a 'you' shot since he was beginning in his acting career paired with two popular looks requested by the industry and that work well with his essence and personal story: the loveable friend and sidekick you can have lots of fun with, and a street smart guy that's been through some tough times. It being his first headshot session, I made sure to make the shoot as fun, relaxed, and casual as possible for him to not get in his head. He wrote me afterwards that "the shoot was a lot of fun" and that the photos "all look amazing!"

Paul Muttillo - Paul was nervous having his headshots taken as it was his first ever headshot session. I eased things up by telling him to think of his kids and the funniest things they've done. I made him actively 'talk' to his girls during the shoot and that's when we captured the vivid 'casual blue collar dad / King of Queens' character look.