I am an NYC based photographer specializing in headshots and lifestyle photography for actors and creatives, and in BTS photography on set. My acting background and work as a director and filmmaker really help me connect with artists. I truly care about actors and really appreciate the hard work they do behind the lens, because I have been one myself for many years. I love to work with actors not only as a photographer but also as a director and filmmaker, which shines through in my photography work. As a filmmaker, I have straight insights into the industry and the knowledge of what is needed for a good headshot and impression. Having cast several projects, I gained a critical understanding of what to look out for in a headshot and what gets you into the room. The work I do as a director comes in handy in my  photography work. Being able to capture natural and authentic emotions and helping the actor communicate a truthful and direct intent are one of my unique traits. These headshots are alive and tell a story, which is necessary to get noticed by industry professionals. My mission is to help make actors feel safe, confident, and comfortable in front of my lens. 


Meghan Lane Actor Headshot

Meghan Lane, Actress

"Lea's talents behind the camera are unreal. She makes you feel comfortable, confident and inspired which brings out the best for a headshot. She’s an actor herself so she knows what you’ll need to impress people in the room while keeping the photos natural and true to who you really are. Not to mention she’s personable and fun to talk with for however long your session is!! Do yourself a favor and shoot with Lea now before she blows up and has to charge really high rates for the amazing quality she produces (which she deserves)."


Tom Hausher, Actor

"I can’t say enough about how wonderful my experience with Lea was. From the start she sat down with me and got the exact idea I wanted to portray in the shoot. Then we worked constantly for 3 hours where she tirelessly shot every angle we could think of. She shot over 400 photos, and gave me every photo that came out perfectly, plus edited 5 for no extra charge.  
Not only was she a great photographer, but being an actor as well helped her get me the exact photos I was looking for. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking to get photos for their portfolios."


David H Mercey, Actor

"I want to thank Lea for her passion, and incredible instants captured through the lenses of an artist. I am extremely happy with her devoted time and the results of the Headshots. Lea helped and guided me through every step of the way with wardrobe, answering questions I had since this was initially my first set of headshots to kick start a dream. I definitely recommend Lea... from scouting the best locations to bringing out the essence of the character we were trying to capture. I am beyond satisfied with the results."


Tyler W French, Actor

"My agent from BMG Talent LOVES Lea's photos, all caps. Casting Directors love them just as much and start calling me into the room!"


Lauren Hart, Actress

"Lea is amazing! She was so on point with helping me capture not only one great headshot but several! She really knows how to work with actors to get the right essence in a photo on top of being just completely lovely."


Elly Smokler, Actress

"I had a ball shooting with Lea! Her energy, skill, and desire to play during our session not only put me at ease, but made the whole experience a joy! She has a unique eye and communicates with her clients in a great way. Highly recommend LeaP Photography!"