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What makes a good headshot

Updated: May 25, 2019

the headshot is what gets you into the room.

A Headshot is much more than just a pretty picture. read my latest clients' success stories below for more info.

SAG actor Tyler W French gets called into the room by NYC Casting Directors through BMG talent with this headshot.

The other day I had a headshot session with a wonderful actor and fun human being, Tyler W French. He already had a headshot, but he needed something very specific from his agent, so we started talking. We talked about type and the notes casting directors have given him on his essence. We determined his types and essence together and started shooting. The results have been really great! The headshot is what gets you into the room and they have surely been working for Tyler. It's really worth going into depth with your headshots, knowing who you are as an actor, being aware of your essence, and getting the right photographer that can capture exactly that.

“My agent from BMG Talent LOVES them, all caps! NYC Casting Directors love them just as much and start calling me into the room" - SAG actor Tyler W French


Another great story is the one of actress Lauren Hart, who I had the pleasure to work with. She had her headshots taken by a well known and established headshot photographer in NYC, but the photos weren't doing anything for her. She had a hard time getting into the room. Why? Her essence as an actor and who she is as an artist wasn't quite captured. The photos were a pretty picture but didn't express her essence. This is very important to understand and be aware of as actors. A headshot is not here to highlight the photographer's work and brand, but has to absolutely showcase the actor and make it all about them, and not the photographer. So after consulting with Lauren and the roles she goes out for and what her essence is, we worked together on wardrobe and characters and put that into her headshots. She has told me that ever since she has been submitting with her new headshots, she got called in for a feature film audition for Universal, and booked a short film. As an actor, you need to choose your photographer wisely. Your headshot photographer needs to showcase you and your essence and not make it about their brand. #branding #headshot #nyc

This headshot gave Lauren an audition for a film for Universal and helped her book a short film.

meet your photographer before you book

Before you book with your photographer, see if it's a match, if the energy fits. This is very important, because you're about to go on a personal and vulnerable journey with them. Especially for the headshot, it's important to convey an intent to the camera and to the casting directors who will see your headshot. It's almost like a small role and part your'e playing, very subtly for the camera. This is something I understand very well coming from inside the industry as a former actor, filmmaker, and director. (#actor #filmmaker #director) You must feel at ease and comfortable around your photographer and you must be able to trust them so you can open up during the session. A photographer who understands the industry and what makes a good headshot great for this specific industry is of great importance.

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