Client Stories

My unique character development process and my actor-director relationship approach has secured my clients representation and made them book roles on major networks through their character-specific and vivid headshots.

Here are their stories:



Dominic Marcus - A very versatile actor, Dominic needed specific character headshots that showcased the many different roles Dominic would go out for while letting his essence (intense, intelligent, mysterious, and kind) shine through each one as a throughline that connects all characters. So we worked together on his 'friendly professor', 'slick Mafia boss', 'blue collar trucker who's been through stuff', and his 'edgy undercover detective' characters. He has since told me several times how he's gotten "so many wonderful auditions with our new photos!"

Pavel Shatu - In addition to his character shots (professional / expert with a secret, slick smooth talking gangster, good guy in a bad world), Pavel's agent (About Artists Agency) requested a specific shot that shows Pavel relaxed and open, 'just as he is'. I call this the 'you' shot, which is an important asset to your headshot collection. We worked on wardrobe and I made sure we had a fun and relaxed atmosphere during our shoot. That headshot got Pavel a major audition for a recurring role for a new series opposite Oscar winners Lupita Nyong'o and Natalie Portman.

Adison Johnson - Adison came to me not knowing how to approach a headshot session, anxious about the process. I worked with him on characters that best resonated with both his appearance and essence. We found we needed a 'you' shot since he was beginning in his acting career paired with two popular looks requested by the industry and that work well with his essence and personal story: the loveable friend and sidekick you can have lots of fun with, and a street smart guy that's been through some tough times. It being his first headshot session, I made sure to make the shoot as fun, relaxed, and casual as possible for him to not get in his head. He wrote me afterwards that "the shoot was a lot of fun" and that the photos "all look amazing!"

Paul Muttillo - Paul was nervous having his headshots taken as it was his first ever headshot session. I eased things up by telling him to think of his kids and the funniest things they've done. I made him actively 'talk' to his girls during the shoot and that's when we captured the vivid 'casual blue collar dad / King of Queens' character look.

Josh Berresford - Josh and I worked through very specific wardrobe for his character shots. The headshot with the most specific look requested by his reps (army guy in an olive ribbed tank with dog tag) booked him a role on FBI. Sometimes, actors shy away from being 'too specific' in their headshots and that this might limit them, but sometimes having that super specific shot might help you land that role exactly because of its specificity. Josh mentioned working with me has been "one of the nicest, best that I’ve ever worked with".

Kevin Alexander Leonidas - Kevin Alexander needed to update his headshots. We worked through wardrobe that best fit the detective role he gets called in for a lot, with colors to match his essence and bring out his eyes (purple shirt under a dark blue suit jacket), and found that the blue collared tee with the small pattern works best for his 'you' shot that can make for a great commercial shot as well as the 'suburban grandfather with an edge' look. After receiving his new shots, he excitedly messaged me that his "agents LOVE my new pics! Thank you!!!! They hardly talk to me... but they both sent PM to me."



Liz Samuel - Liz is a return client who wanted a very specific additional shot: 'rough around the edges/been through life but staying strong and determined'. Sometimes, vanity might get in the way wanting to look glamorous and beautiful. A beautiful woman, Liz daringly went all the way and dived right in, having the courage to show off her edgy, sometimes messy 'Mare Of Easttown' side. She showed her agents our latest shot and messaged me excitedly that she's "getting such incredible feedback on the latest headshot! My reps LOVE IT!!"

Yadira Ramos - Yadira had some beautiful glam photos taken by a well-renowned headshot photographer, but they did not do much for her. We worked together on her specific characters that match her core spirit and booking goals ( real person/relatable best friend/girl next door; blue collar that has been through tough times/vulnerable but strong victim; and fun and quirky kindergarten teacher --> it's a job she actually does on the side) Once she submitted with our new headshots that show her authentic self through characters she'd get cast in, Yadira was able to not only secure representation, but also land her first co-star on Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Kristin Samuelson - Kristin came to me to get headshots with her grey hair. We worked on characters that suit her energy and vibe. Her 'sassy suburban grandmother with an edge' look booked her a national commercial for 'The Farmer's Dog'.

Sandra Williams - Sandra truly took the character development we worked on to heart. She carefuly crafted each character and their story and brought them to life during our shoot. She took my breath away. Her new photos are truly vivid character shots that actively communicate their essence and story.

Clara McKay - Clara is a return client who recently had headshots taken by a well-renowned photographer recommended by her reps, but they ended up disliking the new shots. After that, Clara reached back out to me because the shots we had taken together have been working really well for her and her old reps loved them. I allowed her to fully dive into the characters and roles she sees herself portraying, encouraging her to be more daring with her outfit choices, and go with what she wanted to wear (the other photographer did the opposite). She ended up feeling relieved and free to be who she is loving her new headshots that fully represent her. Others have also noticed the difference and reached out to me due to her new headshots.

Valisa Tate - Valisa is a return client who has been coming to me for headshots three times now. We love to collaborate and work together. She is a stunt woman and actor who keeps on booking roles in major TV shows.