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Why Wardrobe Absolutely Matters!

Choosing the right wardrobe that not only expresses and matches your type , but also has the right color, texture, and that looks good on camera is absolutely essential for your headshot.

Actress Christina L Williams choosing her outfit wisely. The colors look great on her, and the style fits the type conveyed in her headshot.

I always ask my clients to consult wardrobe and types with me before the shoot, and the results truly make a difference. I've seen actors bring in simple t-shirts in black and white, or grey, and that won't do, it won't bring out your essence, it doesn't tell a story. Your headshot needs to tell a story, your story. And some fabrics might look great live, but won't work for the camera. Some colors you might like, but don't suit your skin or won't work for headshots. All these components must be taken into consideration before the shoot.

Branding, and therefore wardrobe, are important. Not only because the wrong colors, or a wrinkled shirt, or a pattern that distracts from you, really work against you, but also because you have to be smart about how you market yourself. How you tell your story, how you want to be perceived by industry professionals. I've learned quite a few things over the years in terms of marketing yourself as an actor and wardrobe for the screen, having done branding sessions, worked on wardrobe on several films, worked with actors as a director and being an actor myself.

"Lea took the time to help figure out what I needed for my looks and helped me make final decisions on clothes, make up, etc. She made me aware of clothes textures and hems that I had never considered."

- Actress Geraldine Dulex

Actress Geraldine Dulex looking stunning in her glamour shot.

So before your headshot session, really make an effort in terms of wardrobe. Consult with your photographer, who knows the industry (very important! I see many headshots as a filmmaker, where wardrobe and type don't match, that sends off a contradicting message and confuses the Casting Director or industry professional), or go see a branding professional.

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