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How to dress like the characters you want to book

You should look like the roles Casting Directors are looking to fill in your headshots.

A big part of looking the part is wardrobe. We are what we wear. Costumes, and how filmmakers dress the actors contributes greatly in creating and crafting a believable character. It's an important means to get the story of your character across.

For a lot of actors, this is a big struggle.

Let me help you by giving you some helpful tips on how to dress and look the part in this guide below.


This free guide can also be useful for self-tapes, auditions, and putting together wardrobe for characters in films and shows.

Debbie Bernstein

Gisela Shiffer, 3G Management

“These are great! They feel so raw and real! I think all these headshots are gonna be a hit with casting!"

Norma Aurel, Actor

"Amazing photos. I just booked a co-star role on Billions from one of the shots taken. Lea gets it!"

Rosemary Pacheco, Actor

“Lea took the time to work with me on clothing, concept, and brand. Because of that, I got an excellent product. I was able to get NY and ATL agents with them, and a good strong trajectory into the bigger markets.”
Wardrobe Guide
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